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Melletios Kyriakidis' work is grounded in a deep concern for humanity. It draws on the philosophies of Michael Foucault and Jean Baudrillard, specifically their respective analysis of the abnormal and the hyper-real and the affects on humanities perception and thus conception of the world. Commenting on structuralism, Mell's installations are part performance, focusing on the practice of art making itself as the foundation of the aesthetic. In doing so Mell rejects what he sees as the contrived legacy of art practice, the decorative by-product.

Practicing since the mid 90's Mell has exhibited extensively, including shows in London (UK), Beijing (China), Rome (Italy) and Australia. Melletios gained a Masters in New Media Arts from COFA, UNSW in 2000 at which time Mell founded Sydney's infamous Space3 Gallery, running until it's untimely closure in 2005.

Mell's work has earned itself a reputation for it's raw ironic symbolism. In "Crucifix", Mell photographs a friend posed, naked arms extended in a gesture of love, yet also in the position of the crucifix. The subject's humanity is intensely apparent, we are confronted with an contemporary (sub)urban 'memento mori', a potent reminder that "you must die". This work was displayed along with other's in a solo exhibition at B5 galleria, Trastevere Rome, 2007, poignantly located in the old stable quarters of the Vatican.

Presently Melletios is collaborating with his many peers to produce work that involves dialogue concerning the frenzied state of affairs that has encompassed the conservative identity of the contemporary epoch.

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below is an exert of an interview given in 2005.

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